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Character Bios from The Master

Timelord High Council [Administrator]
Timelord High Council [Administrator]

 Hates : The Doctor
 Health :
 Loves : No One
 Name(s) : Master, The Master, The Master Of All Matter, Proffesor Yana, Harold Saxon, Koschei, Magnus
 Race : Timelord
 Relationship Status : It's Complicated
 First Apperance (Doctor Who) : Terror Of The Autons
 Last Apperance (Doctor Who) : Last Of The Timelords
 First Apperance (Torchwood) : N/A
 Last Apperance (Torchwood) : N/A
 First Apperance (Sarah Jane Adverntures) : N/A
 Last Apperance (Sarah Jane Adventures) : N/A