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PostSubject: Garret   Garret Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 8:32 am

Names: Garret Danton

School/ Job: Drifter

Age: 26ish give or take

Height: 5'7

Build: Athletic

Sex: Male

Mother: n/a

Father: n/a

Brother(s): Not exactly but most likely.

Sisters(s): Not exactly but most likely.

Other: Given consciousness and form by the Voice entity.


Race: Voidform

Home: Traveler from a small non-Einstein alternative universe called the Blue Abyss. Flys withing a spaceship resembling a world war two Soviet submarine.

Other: Body made out of condensed energy from his universe. Appears human.



Personality: Socially awkward, odd

Good Points: Polite, intelligent

Bad Points: Rarely finishes what he started.

Likes: Long walks alone

Hates: Television


Hair: Brown

Skin: White

Eyes: Green

Cloths: Royal blue button-up with top button unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up. White tee undershirt and black slacks.



Crush: Not sure.

Married: No.



Special Powers: Able to charge up small devices. Can open and travel within the void in a energy "bubble" but with little control over destination. Unknown "possible" powers involving minor energy manipulation.


Character History and Other information: Garret was acidentlly created by a mysterious entity and placed on one of the only solid surfaces in the Blue Abyss, a small platform floating over a spinning vortex of energy. After an unknown length of time Garret decided to dive into the vortex rather than exist there alone and ended up in our universe in New New York. The first memories are a bit hazzy but before he knew it he found himself in a recked ship heading towards a small blue planet with a lonely moon...
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