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 Kyle Birke

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PostSubject: Kyle Birke   Kyle Birke Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2008 11:50 am

Kyle Renate Birke

School/ Job:
Kyle used to work at Torchwood Tower as a receptionist but was fired, she's now works at a little boutique.

19 (birthday December 26th)


She's thin and built lightly but she's stronger than it would seem.


Jennifer Renate Birke

Kenneth Jay Birke

Sam "Sammy" Joeseph Birke


She has a collie-mix dog named Koda.



Born in Massachussetts, currently living in a tiny apartment in Cardiff.


Personality: Clever, manipulative, a good actress, usually has good intentions even if they don't show.

Good Points: She's a good actress, good with animals, brave, curious.

Bad Points: Sometimes too curious, can appear cold, because she's so good at playing parts its hard to really know her.

Likes: Candy, riding her bike, her dog, investigating.

Hates: Things she can never know, her home town, how she is constantly underestimated.


Hair: Long, slightly wavy golden brown.

Skin: Fair with a few freckles.

Eyes: Hazel

Cloths: Almost always wears a black overcoat, t-shirts and jeans.

Other: Kyle's attractive, but not the first girl seen, she demands attention only when she must.


Crush: none

Married: no

Other: nothing


Special Powers:
She has the uncanny ability to go unnoticed, and can lull people into not suspecting her.


Character History and Other information...
After Kyle graduated high school, she moved to London. She used her charisma to get a job as a receptionist at Torchwood Tower. One day she managed to overheard part of a phone message she was connecting regarding a man called the doctor. Thinking he was some type of terroist, she wanted to know more. She hid in a supply closet and that night attempted to open some files on her superior's computer. However she was caught before she could hack in. She convinced the security guard she was trying to look up information on raises for the next quarter, they fired her, fined her, and was given one year's probation. A year later, with Torchwood two now destroyed, Kyle decided to start fresh in Cardiff. She moved and immediately began hearing rumours of Torchwood three. With her thirst for knowledge on what this Torchwood agency is really about and who this doctor guy is not extinguished, she vows to figure it all out, any way she can.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle Birke   Kyle Birke Icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2008 9:52 am

Accepted - Although I Can See Many Was This Character Can Come Into RP

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Kyle Birke
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