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 Captain Hathaway

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Character Bios
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PostSubject: Captain Hathaway   Captain Hathaway Icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2008 1:49 pm

Names: Captain A. Hathaway

School/ Job: Mercenary and ex-Time Agent

Age: Unknown but appearance of 25 year old

Height: 5'7

Build: Hourglass, medium

Sex: Female

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Brother(s): N/A

Sisters(s): N/A

Other: N/A


Race: Human

Home: N/A - travels too often

Other: N/A



She ultimately is a vicious character who just wants to finish off her jobs and collect her money.
She'll do what it takes and relishes the thought of a little blood on her hands.
Yet she gets distracted due to her 51st century outlook i.e. pansexual and loving it.
She tends to have a bit of a superiority complex from time to time.
And frustration is the only thing that makes her cry.
There's always a swagger in her walk and a smirk not far from her lips

Good Points:

High pain threshold
Relatively strong

Bad Points:

Has tendency to become incredibly bloodthirsty in fights
Easily distracted by a pretty face
Doesn't always do her homework when it comes to her jobs


A pretty face as it happens
A pretty face
A pretty face
Did I mention a pretty face?


Her easily distracted nature
A failed job


Hair: Shoulder length, loose mid brown curls with a side swept fringe

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: A long black double-breasted jacket with silver fastenings, cut at the front to just below the chest, white shirts, black braces, black trousers and boots

Other: Sometimes wears a white medical eyepatch


Crush: There have been too many to count

Married: N/A

Other: N/A


Special Powers: She was infected with a disease only known as S.P.U.R. - it has led to a increased pain threshold but she is by no means invincible. However she can take pain that would normally cause others to die of shock.


Character History and Other information...

When Captain John Hart said there were only seven Time Agents remaining, he overestimated. Now there's only three: Hart, Harkness and Hathaway. Thanks to Hathaway's desire for violence and money, she quite happily slaughtered the remaining Time Agents to get what she desires: bounty.
Hathaway grew out of the Time Agency very quickly and despite but quite good at her job, it wasn't enough. She wanted to work for herself with her own rules.
However on an assassination mission of the planet Xionatiphis's leader, one of his personal guards infected her with a disease only known as S.P.U.R. She however went through with the mission,
killing far more than she oriignally intended and slowly began to recover from her disease. It's lasting effects were an increased pain threshold. And a bizarre side effect concerning her right eye:
when her blood pressure reaches a certain level during fear or rage for example, her right eye pupil tends to become slitted and changes sizes. When she feels this will happen, she usually places the eyepatch over her right eye.
Her current job has asked for her to finish one of her original jobs properly: kill ALL Time Agents past and present who are still alive. She doesn't know the exact identity of her client right now, but when blood and money
is on offer, it doesn't matter. That leaves a certain Captain Harkness and Captain Hart up for the picking.
Shame she hasn't a clue what they look like, just rough locations.
First stop: Cardiff.

So eager, she's even called herself Captain in anticipation of the title she thinks she'll earn by killing two Captains.

Now there's a girl who loves her job.
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