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 Cannon Character's.

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PostSubject: Cannon Character's.   Thu Nov 29, 2007 3:11 pm

  • Pick Your Character If It Ses Reserved Or Taken You Cannot Be Them.Also Not If You Are A Cannon Character You Must Be Able To Be Online A Lot.

  • Doctor Who

  • The Doctor:TAKEN

  • The Master:TAKEN

  • Rose Tyler:TAKEN

  • Captain Jack Harkness:TAKEN

  • Martha Jones:TAKEN

  • Donna Nobel:TAKEN

  • Tallulah:TAKEN

  • Astrid:

  • Davros:

  • Dalek Sec (Hybrid):

  • Dalek Sec:TAKEN

  • Dalek Caan:

  • Dalek Thay:

  • Dalek Jast:

  • Cybercontroller:

  • Tish Jones:

  • Lazlo:

  • Torchwood

  • Gwen Cooper:TAKEN

  • Owen Harper:TAKEN

  • Toshiko Sato:

  • Ianto Jones:TAKEN

  • Janet The Weevil:

  • Sarah Jane Adventures

  • Sarah Jane:

  • Maria:

  • Luke:

  • Clyde:

  • K.9:

  • (If There Are ANY I Have Missed It Is Because There Are To Many Character's If You Would Like To Be Someone Who Isn't On Here Please Say)

  • (Also Note Normal Dalek's Cybermen And Other Sutch Creature Are Have Unlimited Numbers)


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Cannon Character's.
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