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Character Bios
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Race: Half Human, half Elfatrax
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PostSubject: Qoi   Qoi Icon_minitimeThu Jul 29, 2010 9:59 pm

Names: Qoi (last name unknown)

School/ Job: Nothing. Wandering.

Age: Unknown (Elfatrax age differently). Appears 15 or 16

Height: 5'1"

Build: Normal, Average

Sex: Female

Mother: unknown

Father: unknown

Brother(s): unknown

Sister(s): unknown



Race: Half Human, half Elfatrax

Home: no home. Used to live on the streets of 51st century Chicago




Personality: Sarcstic. Always making jokes, especially at the wrong times. Often gets exasperated with people. Very rarely becomes fearful, but that is sometimes her downfall.

Good points: Extremly loyal, if she is given reason.

Bad points: Very blunt and frank with people.

Hates: stupid people. Change

other: Likes to get to the point of everything as quickly as possible. Has a bit of a temper, but is good at controlling her actions. Usually goes silent when very angry


Hair: Brown, Chin-legnth, razored

Skin: white

Eyes: Bright green

Clothes: Always wears the same outfit: Skinny jeans, This brown jacket thing, a black graphic tee of some sort, converse, and a brown visored beanie. She is very attached to her hat, which hides her leaf-shaped ears.

Other: wears black, rectangle glasses and is blind without them


Crush: no

Married: no



Special Powers: none. all 'elvin powers' dissapear when there are any other species genes in the pool. good with computers. Loves gagets. Is very good at thievery.


Character History and Other information: The Elfatrax: The Elfatrax are an alien race I made up. They are basically elves (The tall, skinny ones, not the little ones that help Santa). As the story goes, a ship of them crashed on Earth in the dark ages, starting the lagends. They are very full of themselves, and are disgusted at anything that is not elfatraxin, Making them very disliked by humans.

Qoi: With a human father and an Elfatrax mother who abandoned her at birth is disgrace, Qoi lived on the streets until an opportunity came one day to steal a vortex manipulator. Since then, She has been wandering around space and time looking for adventure.

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